Learn how Steven Dux turned $27k into $1.3 Million in just one year

Are you new to the world of trading and would like to know how to get started?

Are you already somewhat experienced but would like to take your trading to the next level?

Do you want to find out how I was able to make over $1 Million of profits in one short year?




The stock market basics from A-Z that you’ll need to get started.


The psychology of trading


The difference between long and short side trading and how to take advantage of both positions.


the different risk management strategies to steadily build your account.


How to build your own statistics database and use it to take advantage of any trading method


And most importantly: My top 8 trading strategies for today’s Penny Stock Market

Basically, I am sharing everything, and I mean everything, that I know about trading in this course! Besides the theory behind my methods and step-by-step instructions, I included live footage of my trades. That way you’ll know exactly what I did, how I did it and why I did it. If you want to replicate the methods that made me a millionaire at the age of 23, this will be extremely valuable. When I started trading, I knew literally nothing about the stock market and it took me a year of hard work and dedication to get where I am now. My goal with this DVD is to help others to jump right in and hopefully be as successful as –or even more successful than – me! So see this course as an investment into your career as a successful penny stock trader.



What is "DUXINATOR", James said it best:

"In mathematics it's making definitions, you'll see things that really can come together under one aegis and you can define this set of notion(s) and sometimes a structure which follow all these notions and that is a great way that mathematics has advanced because when you put a lot of things together that have similar characteristics then you can try and prove theorems about the general set of things rather than a particular set of example and that turns out to be a very powerful approach."

- James Simons
5:20 (timestamp)


Do not purchase! over power.I dont want others to earn money....hahaha

If you are serious about trading.

Being an excellent trader is serious endeavor, hard working required. Unfortunately there are too many wanna be traders just wasting their precious times to study the wrong material. In Duxinator I found the strategies with over 90% win rate. I also found the right way to trade when you see the right patterns. I am confident that studying this material will get me or anyone who are serious about being an winning trader help shorten the great amount of time.

by Alexandra on Chat Room

Hi Steve

Trading techniques are just great! Thank you for making it so on point! I’ll be sure to update on positive result$$$!

I do have a question! What is the track that plays at the end of each of your YouTube videos? 😉

by W on Chat Room
Chat Room Review

Yes, you are thinking another fake review. Actually when I first joined Dux' chatroom, that's what I thought. These are all paid reviews. But realistically it has taken me 5 months to realize the true value. I am reviewing this now because I want to give back what Steven and his team has given me. Maybe it has taken this long to realize, maybe I am just a slow learner.

This chatroom like others are full of all kinds of skill level traders, what you can learn from the room is up to you. If you want to follow alerts; Dux is pretty dead on when it comes to calls. Most newbies and seasoned traders profit. But to be honest, that is not the way. I think to be truly successful as a trader, you need to observe him much closer and copy not his alerts but his style of trading.

Prerequisite, it is highly advisable to get his dvd. People whine it costs a lot, but think of it as tuition. If you are going to medical school, how much are you willing to pay for books and tuition. If you want to succeed in the stock market, how much is that worth to you? 1k? 10k? Let's be reasonable.

Good luck all and happy trading.

by Stephen Ngo on Daily Dux Tier 3

At first I was skeptical about Steven Dux, but as I decided to join... I was so glad that I did. Dux is very helpful and definitely knows what he is talking about. I would recommend this course to everyone.

by Profitly: Touchegarcia1 on Trading Techniques

I have been trying to figure this all out.. How the markets move.. I would always think to my self there has to be a reason... And then DUX introduced me to PSYCHOLOGICAL statistics... This changed everything... Once i was able to go ahead and dive into all his material my PnL grew.. And it grew FAST.... I did have trouble trying to understand everything but every MOD in the room especially topher has been extremely helpful guiding me... I will say this, if you want a clear PLAN on what to do do the DATA, IF you want guidance show to the mods that you will dedicate your self to hard work and they will stop at nothing to make sure you accomplish that. Thanks to dux and the mods i have passed 10k in profits with PURE statistics

by Daniel w on Daily Dux Tier 3
Good program but you have to be comitted

I joined the freedom challenge in febuary 2019. It is an in depth , thorough course that packs important information into a reasonable amount of content. I am gaining good habbits weekly and building confidence In my trades . I am excited to become a self sufficient trader with what I learn.

by patientmachine on Chat Room
Chat room

Last year, I had bought Dux's dvd which was very informative and I had learned a lot from it. Since I have a small account, Dux always mentioned on the dvd that going long was the best strategy to build a small account and shorts were best for a bigger account which made a lot of sense but the chat room didn't follow the dvd too much since there are very little strategies for Long and many of the people on chat have small accounts so it would it make more sense to focus on long to help build their small account up instead of going short crazy. I wish Dux and his chat helpers would also focus on Long as well instead of mostly shorts I understand the short strategies from the dvd but I am being patient about it until my account is bigger. I also understand that this chat is very new and will need many improvements.

by Ertan on Watch List

I like his stock strategies pickup work...
I always watching his hard work

by alex joel garcia arias on Watch List

Thanks for all you videos

by Alex Gerena on Daily Dux Tier 3
Bruce Lee of trading

Incredible teaching skills and superb efficiency in everything he’s teaching.
#1Mentor in my opinion hands down


by Jack Hungtington on Trading Techniques
Good Helpful guide

This guide is helpful, study this at least 3 times, he covers a lot of details. I thnk the price is too high, since beginners will be buying it.

by Chris on Daily Dux Tier 3

No if's, and's, or's, about it, Dux is the Ray Dalio / Bridgewater of the pennystocking world. Independent thinkers who are willing to put in the "work" will thrive under the guidance of Dux.

"Maintain 'baseball cards' and/or 'believability matrixes' for your people. Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way." - "Principles", Ray Dalio

by D Jeanne Rowe on Trading Techniques

I met this amazing young man in late September at a tradin seminar. He is humble and down to earth. His DVD is worth it's weight in gold! Well worth the investment! Thanks Dux for breaking it all down into a simple easy to follow process!

by Phil gagner on Chat Room

Keep the good work

by Mehrad Navid on Trading Techniques
Best content in the world in this DVD

I was one of the first people to sign up for Dux's DVD, i actually signed up in a hurry as soon as i hear he is going to put out something of his own during the pre sale and then i signed up for his tier 2 and i'm looking to upgrade to tier 3 soon, the reason for that is that i highly believe in Steven Dux for the following reasons: People always ask me what i think of Dux and his programs let me start by sayin, It costed me a lot of stress in the market to find the right people and i want to help cut the learning curve for ya'll 1) unfortunately there are plenty of gurus out there that make big claims however in the penny stocking land there are only a few that are real, Very very few, i mean maybe less than 2 or 3 people that are legitimate 2) in my experience which i learned the hard way over the last couple of years Steven Dux is definitely 1 of my 2 favorite gurus in the entire penny stocking land and the other guy only has some content out there buy doesn't really teach, 3) and maybe most important which applies to Trading techniques DVD, i believe the content of this DVD is so valuable that is beyond words can explain, There is no garbage and junk in it just to make the DVD time longer like many other gurus that have recorded their burping, Yes you read that correct there are junk shit like that that people get scammed into paying thousands of dollars for Long and boring DVDs which by the time you're done wasting hours and months and even maybe years of your life watching those kinds of DVDs you would know less than you knew before, Don't waist your valuable time, Dux will is very ethical, he will not scam you to get into a stock just to pump or dump it and take advantage of you to make money for himself and then post it on Instagram saying i just made $1000 from this bath tub in this crazy island with views and stuff like, you won't get those junk stuff that actually make you feel less confident in yourself with Dux, Steven Dux is the real deal, if it didn't find him i was super close to quitting the market after spending lots of time, effort and money into it, I'm grateful for Dux and his teachings for keeping me in the game and teaching me to be successful too

by Ralph on Watch List
la creme de la creme

These simple hints that Dux gives in his watchlist are worth a fortune!
Not complicated, straight to the point and of course aligned with his trading techniques.
Highly recommended for every day trader. Thanks Steven

by Nicholas Nickel on Chat Room
Steven Dux Chatroom

This is the VERY BEST chat room you can ever possibly be apart of. Steven is amazing at what he does and goes above and beyond by giving you a watchlist and is live in the room daily. He will alert you when there are great trades by prioritizing them for you and let you know if he is not comfortable with you getting into certain setups for the day. Its definitely a win/win in my book and I have made good money being here.

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