Steven Dux is a stock market educator who has 8 figures of verified trades in the stock market through trading stocks on the Nasdaq.

I love playing video games on the computer like StarCraft and League of Legends.

I live with a few of my business partners who help me teach my educational program and live with my kitty named ____. I love collecting exotic cars as investments and living a relaxed life by taking trips to the beach and on boats.

When it comes to the stock market,

I value transparency and that is why when I first started participating in the stock market, I decided to verify my trades through a third party platform that takes every single trade I made through my original brokerage account and shares the wins and losses for each and every trade I made through that account. It’s quite humbling that my start with $27,000 has turned into over $11 million in verified trades 

To further back this,

I have also posted my account statements online on multiple occasions and have even had my account statements verified by a third party accounting firm.



Many people may not know this, but when I started out in the stock market, my goal was to earn an extra $1,000 a month so I could go out with my friends and watch movies and eat with them in college.

I mean there isn’t much else to do when you go to college in Ohio, so I just wanted to do basic things with my friends. I just didn’t know how fun and exciting the stock market was before I got started with it. When I started to understand how it really worked, it pulled me in like how StarCraft did at the time and I was obsessed.



My passion probably comes from what I was learning in school: engineering. I also did well in physics and chemistry. Engineering taught me to not take anything I learned at face value, but to test theories and methods to see how they held up in the real world and also helped me learn how to improve existing methods.

I took what I learned from every single course I could take on the internet at the time (from many well known stock traders you may have encountered), tested their strategies and formulas, found that while some worked, many of them didn’t base on my criteria of what I needed to create a winning portfolio.

Things worked well and they worked quickly. Within the first 3 months, after losing half of my initial $27,000 investment in my first month in the market, I took a loan from a friend and turned that $27,000 into $900,000.

I broke over a million dollars in my first year of day trading and consistently earned over a million dollars each year after that.


$27K TO $11M


I ended up earning over $11 million trading stocks on the Nasdaq by the age of 27.


And developing a course.

When people started to see my early success online, I kept getting messages from other traders asking me when I was going to release a course. I never planned to become an educator or mentor in my space, but there was a huge demand for what I was doing, since I was clocking in a lot of winning trades.

So with that, in 2018, I developed a course where I don’t talk about lifestyle like many of the other educators do.

Instead, I teach actionable steps that any trader can take to the stock market, including 8 strategies I personally use that hit my criteria for a winning strategy to my students, while meeting with them twice a week so they could interact with me and ask questions while I trade live with them. It humbles me that a few of my students who value their privacy have earned 7 figures trading, while others who are more transparent and public have posted their 6 figure earnings on verified trading platforms as well, and also hit 3 of the top 8 positions on one site’s leaderboard. 


  • 2nd Tier PLUS
  • Trading Techniques Course
  • 12 Months of Online Group Mentoring via 2 live trading sessions per a week


  • A watch list is produced only when something is in play for the following day. Dux also alerts some of the trades he makes. Plus you get access to a chatroom.


  • This is not a 101 course. This is my personal developed belief system of trading including step by step explanations of my methods in action. **Streaming Course Only


High Odds Penny Trading

  • This course builds off the the concepts learning in Trading Techniques and takes a deeper dive in to how Dux uses those concepts.


Another huge downfall I found was that there was not a platform that existed that allowed me to put what I learned when I first started trading into a practice environment, except for Excel (which is actually quite difficult for a non engineer to master). So after facing my own struggles, then the struggles many of my students encountered, and developed the most powerful all-in-one platform that traders and investors of financial instruments could use to have an edge on the market, using as much data as possible on the market and over 5,000 indicators. This system allows you to do basic things like set up watch lists, to much more robust maneuvers like building out complete strategies while investing and trading into financial instruments. It’s called StockCraft and I launched that in 2022.  

I’ve also had some big wins in the stock market too as of 2020, where I made over a million dollars in a month, then had a $3 million day, then a $6 million day. Learn more about my educational program here or try out StockCraft here. I also share updates, insights and some of my trades on my blog and YouTube channel. My official social media channels can be found here 

Above all, I hope you connect with me.


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    If you’re new to all of this and have limited knowledge as to how the stock market works, I highly recommend you invest in The Freedom Challenge.