My story

Hi there! I'm Steven Dux, a verified trading educator with over $11 million in trades. I've developed the Freedom Challenge, a program that's transformed many into successful traders.

My journey hasn't been easy, but I've learned that success is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep reading to learn more about my story, and remember, every step forward counts in your trading journey.

Not Good Enough

  • For my girlfriend,
    who broke up with me.

  • For my father,
    who was waiting to prove me wrong.

  • For this country,
    which backed me into a corner and gave me so few options.

Facing the Inevitable:

Returning Home to China

As the final chapter of my academic journey approached, so did the expiration of my authorization to stay in the U.S. The job market seemed barren, leaving me feeling like a ship lost at sea. I once had an anchor - my ex-girlfriend - but she had sailed on, leaving me alone to navigate the murky waters of an uncertain future.

I believed that daily gym sessions would amplify my self-esteem, but each time I met my reflection, a sense of worthlessness stared back. The gym was nothing more than a distraction, a mirage of self-improvement, much like the countless nights I spent immersing myself in the world of markets.

Caught in the monotonous cycle of a night shift job that no other college student would touch, I stumbled upon an exhilarating lifeline: trading. It became my beacon of hope, my escape route from the mundane.

Making Trading Work:

In forging my own destiny, I dared to breathe life into the extraordinary visions that once danced in my schoolyard daydreams.

This was my grand scheme. Yet, the plot twisted when I plunged my entire year's tuition into an investment and watched half of it evaporate in an instant. So, there I was, back in the gym, wrestling with the weights and my self-doubt, determined to validate my worth.

Rising Strong:

I found myself at the lowest point in my life, feeling isolated and out of options. The prospect of returning to China and facing my father's smug "I told you so" loomed over me. I would be forced to return to a place where individuality was stifled and conformity was the rule. In America, I had the chance to carve out my own unique path.

But even that opportunity seemed to be slipping through my fingers: I was single, penniless, and on the brink of financial ruin after my father cut me off. With no other alternatives in sight, I decided to take a leap of faith on one last venture. If it failed, I'd have to sell my car and most likely return to China. But if it succeeded, just maybe, I could build the life I had always envisioned for myself.

An Unconventional Path:

Unexpected Journey
  • Discover the story of my journey to America at just 14 years old, leaving behind my parents, brother, and the life I knew in China.

  • Discover how my insatiable curiosity for understanding how things work, exploring the reasons behind their function, and constantly seeking more efficient methods has shaped my journey.

  • Explore how my relentless curiosity transformed into a secret superpower, paving the way for a thriving trading career and turning $27,000 into over $10 million.

  • Unraveling how a health setback like an ulcer ignited my passion for travel, the ocean, and ultimately guided me towards discovering the life I truly yearned to live.

Making The Money I Did, Didn't Make Me Happy.

I felt happier than I did during that low point in my life, but I would still look in the mirror and feel incomplete. This didn't change until I started to help other people do what I do - just without all the mistakes, pain and wasted time and money.

I focused on three things:
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I am passionate about optimizing systems and strategies to maximize profits. I've found that much of the information out there is overcomplicated and unnecessary. I've made it my mission to hack these strategies, reworking them to be more efficient, effective, and profitable for you.

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I am dedicated to condensing complex information into simple, actionable steps. I simplify systems, strategies, and processes, ensuring you don't get lost in the details and miss the crucial steps that create 80% of the results.

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I am committed to helping people learn about trading stocks in the most efficient way possible. You don't have to live in your office to be a successful trader. I strive to help you make more from less, providing you with only what you need, exactly when you need it.

Why Work With Me?

I've walked in your shoes, and I understand the journey you're embarking on.

My expertise is built on a foundation of trials and errors, a testament to the power of learning from our mistakes. To truly appreciate the resilience and persistence that fuels my approach, let's take a trip down memory lane to where my journey first began...

My early life

From the get-go, I was a square peg in a round hole. I was the kid in class who didn't just accept the "how" but was always intrigued by the "why". When teachers would lay out the path to academic success, my mind would wander off the beaten track. I'd ponder, "Why this method? What if we tried a different approach?"

In China, this kind of curiosity was frowned upon. Teachers preferred compliant students who followed the rules without question. Word of my unconventional thinking spread, and parents began to caution their children against my influence. They feared I might lead their kids astray. This was the spark that ignited a flame of defiance within me; a flame that would later fuel my journey into the world of trading. But let's not jump the gun...

Despite my rebellious spirit, I wasn't the worst student in school.

With my father back home, life got harder. As with most traditional Asian families, we all had certain roles to play and expectations to meet.

My father was to be the leader; my mother, the caregiver; and for me and my brother, we were expected to do well at school.In certain subjects - like Physics and Chemistry - I often scored 100%. But in other subjects, which I didn't enjoy - like Maths and English - I would perform poorly. It was during these subjects that I hated, that my curiosity took control. I questioned everything; I wanted to understand how and why something worked the way it did. I didn't accept the answers they gave me, which led me to come up with some crazy ideas.


Like the time my friends and I built a new garbage can, which automatically recognized if something was recyclable or not. It was a great idea and it worked well. But nobody - not the teachers, nor our parents - cared, because it didn't make money or would help us get into a good school. I grew more and more frustrated. Nobody seemed to care and nobody wanted to listen. All they wanted was for me to listen to them and do as they said.