What Students Are Saying

About The Freedom Challenge

  • Alex

    As explained in the video, Alex has been a long time student of ours and has a really good understanding of how Steven trades. You will see him around our discord and he also presents at Dux conferences
  • Group Interview

    Steven talking to all his Freedom Challenge student. Discussing thing things that frustrate them and how to improve their edge. We have just moved this process to zoom now. =)
  • David

    Steven talking to one of his six figure students, who has been part of the Freedom Challenge for years.

Another Six Figure Trader

That came out of the freedom challenge

EA entered trading in June 2019. To begin with, he traded following a day trader’s program, one who claims that every single successful day trader in the market is his student, but unfortunately ended up only losing money. There were no gains. Only losses. And pretty considerable ones. That’s because this particular day trader teaches strategies that do not work, are dated and doesn’t actually know how to duplicate his results, as the few times he does trade (after he took a long break from trading and said that he was still doing it), he does so by the gut. And trading by the gut is not duplicatable, not for anyone. Especially not for someone who went to college at Ryerson University to get a degree in finance. You can see his verified track record by going to (https://kinfo.com/portfolio/12296/performance). You will need to copy and paste this link.

Break Down

A Quick Look At What Included In The Program

  • Watch List Via Our Discord Server

  • Monthly Statistical Report Archive

  • Two Chat Rooms. One general chat and one specifically designed just for FC Members. 

  • Trading Techniques which is a five-hour course that goes over 8 strategies that Dux uses to trade. 

  • At least 2 weekly live webinars with Dux trading the market. All these webinars are recorded for you so you can watch them later. To date there are over 300 hours of recordings of Dux trading the market.(Keep in mind though Dux will only trade if there is a setup.) 

Course curriculum

    1. Disclaimer

    2. Privacy Policy

    3. Terms And Conditions

    4. Phone Calls And Video Recordings

    5. Discord Server Use

    6. Other Rights And Limitations

    1. Content Order

    2. Discord Access

    3. Kick Starter

    1. How To Join Our Weekly Meetings

    2. Webinar Archives

    1. Past Monthly Reports

    1. Intro

    2. Bounce Short

    3. Parabolic Short

    4. Over Extended

    5. First Red Day

    6. Gap Fill

    7. Gap Up Short

    8. Multi Day Break Out

    9. Pre-Market BreakOut

    1. Quiz Time!

About this course

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  • Over 200 hours of webinars
  • Plus comes with our online course Trading Techniques

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