How One Student Made $400,000 Within His First Year Day Trading

How One Student Made $400,000 Within His First Year Day Trading

How One Student Made $400,000 Within His First Year Day Trading 1024 546 Steven Dux

Is it possible to earn $400,000...

($590k before transaction fees) within your first year day trading? Apparently so, because this is what one of my students recently did.

I introduced him a few weeks ago, as part of an article

…I wrote for my Investing for Beginners series. In that article, I briefly mentioned one of my students, Ericson Capistrano Adapon (EA).

EA’s story generated a lot of interest. I received a record number of messages after that article went live. After all, earning $400k in the very first year of trading is quite an achievement. And turning profitable within a couple of months after joining a program… well, it’s outstanding and bound to spark curiosity.

EA truly turned his life around with day trading, after he started working with me. He now has financial freedom, has been able to plan a family, is looking to travel without stress, and has found sustainable growth while trading. Such a story is bound to generate interest, so I wanted to share EA’s success in day trading as an example of what can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. We will shortly get into the details of what EA achieved and how he did it, but just to give you an idea of what is possible…

He made $100k in 4 months of working with me in the Freedom Challenge AND has made $400k in just one year after starting to trade.

How Being Fired Led EA Down the

Journey to Find a Day Trading Mentor

EA, based in Toronto, was working as a manager at a local Enterprise branch, living a fairly regular life. Corporate office. 9-5 job at the same employer with his wife.

Decent money earning about $70,000 CAD a year. That is until he got fired because he didn’t check the tires on a car that was rented out. Something he owns up to as being his own fault and an oversight that even though it cost him his career, became a blessing in disguise after working with the Freedom Challenge.

But before it became a blessing, life suddenly got more complex for EA, and the financial pressures quickly began to add up. He had to look for new income streams as he searched for a new job, and since he was following a successful day trader on Instagram, he figured “why not day trading…?” Just like that, he decided to join a highly popular day trader’s program. The problem is, things didn’t go according to plan…

Losing Money With A

Popular Day Trader’s Program

— But Refusing to Give Up.

EA entered trading in June 2019. To begin with, he traded following a day trader’s program, one who claims that every single successful day trader in the market is his student, but unfortunately ended up only losing money. There were no gains. Only losses.

And pretty considerable ones. That’s because this particular day trader teaches strategies that do not work, are dated and doesn’t actually know how to duplicate his results, as the few times he does trade (after he took a long break from trading and said that he was still doing it), he does so by the gut. And trading by the gut is not duplicatable, not for anyone. Especially not for someone who went to college at Ryerson University to get a degree in finance.

This could have gone one of two ways:


He could have given up, discouraged by the tremendous losses so early in the game. After all, why bother with something that’s making you lose so much money so early? Especially when you don’t have a job you can fall back on?


(94% of traders fail during their first year and give up). Or he could change his approach, and fortunately for EA he decided to go with the latter and decided to look for a different mentor. After a few weeks, EA came across my own work…

He joined the Freedom Challenge in November 2019 and became profitable in January.

Yes, it took just a couple of months to not just recover the program cost of $7,500 but also make money on top of that. Provided you put in the work and follow your mentor, it’s possible to earn 20 times your account within your first year as a day trader. Like EA found, joining the right course makes success much easier to find…

Coming Across the Freedom Challenge

and Discovering the Benefits

If you have ever searched for any content about trading on YouTube, you may have come across my videos as I have a thriving channel where we regularly post informational content.

That’s how EA came across my work and the rest, as they say, is history. I asked him a few months later what it was that drove him towards signing up for the Freedom Challenge.  He had the following interesting things to say… 

The existence of statistics to back up the patterns and strategies.

Easier to replicate the eight unique strategies within the Freedom Challenge than the other trader’s methods that didn’t work.

Weekly webinars with me

Finding out the statistics and patterns that actually work

More guidance and specifics on how to trade

Having had an education in finance, EA already understood the basics of investing and trading.

He was able to recognize and appreciate the quality of strategies explained in the program. They made a lot of sense to him. The way the strategies were presented in the Freedom Challenge was similar to what he learned in school in finance, which made learning from me that much easier for him.

After losing a few thousand dollars at the very least with the previous program he had signed up for, the Freedom Challenge was like a breath of fresh air.

The opportunity of working with the Freedom Challenge brought EA a new lease of life to his trading career, and one that’s seen exponential growth since.

Discovering the Foundations

Before Taking Day Trading Seriously.

When he began trading using the strategies provided during my program, he started with just $4,000. Fairly quickly, EA understood the patterns, got a handle on the market, and gained enough confidence that he decided to invest more: pumping another $20,000 into his account. That’s when his growth started and hasn’t stopped since. The lesson to take away from this is that:

In day trading, with the right guidance and mentorship, even an amount as small as $20k can yield gains and get you the momentum to keep going.

EA has been trading profitably for the last year. He uses all 8 of the strategies that I go through in my program, strategies that you cannot find in books or online. The fact that he has followed the guidance given by his mentor and uses the strategies given goes a long way in ensuring sustained profits.

Experiencing Exponential Growth

In Just One Short Year

Starting from $20,000 and growing that to $400k in a year is not just about winning all the time. Because it’s not possible, or extremely rare, to win all the time. The key to sustainable growth is to maximize your wins when they happen and minimize your losses.

EA has a win percentage of about 45%. This means he has figured out how to minimize his losses, recover from them quickly, and maximize his profits. Proper risk management is what reduces the losses and sets you up for success. Sticking to a 1% to 3% potential loss ensures your overall risk remains low. I call this The 1% Rule.

The biggest trade EA has made so far has been around $40,000 in a day, and he’s been able to reduce his losses to a few hundred dollars every time. 

It would be prudent to mention here that even though his win percentage of 45% is good, it can improve a lot more and there is so much more potential. It’s possible to keep increasing your gains if you put in the work and follow the right guidance, strategy and patterns.For example, just recently I converted a $70,000 account into $1.15 million resulting in a 78% win ratio on my trades.  With increasing experience and training, the win ratio will continue to increase, leading to a sense of security. And to lead a better lifestyle where you’re not constantly worried about your next paycheck or hesitant to spend money on yourself or your family, this sense of security is essential.

That is what true financial freedom is. A huge change in lifestyle is one of the major changes that happened in EA’s life too.  

A Major Lifestyle Overhaul

and Starting a Family Five Years Earlier.

EA says his life has significantly changed in the last year. I can relate to what he’s saying. I’ve been there. I went from being a student on the verge of going back to my home country because of a lack of money to someone who has been blessed with financial freedom and a comfortable life. One where I don’t have to worry about money or my working hours… 

The same happened to EA and he’s now able to enjoy work, on his terms. Because the financial pressure of having children on a fixed income is lifted, he’s been able to plan a family with his wife who is now expecting. He says that planning a family is something they wanted to do when they became financially stable. 

Without the success he found in trading this year, this could have taken another 5 years or so. Just like many other people, they had assumed they’ll be in their corporate jobs for life and that’s where they’ll retire. But the job market can be unpredictable and you can never really rely on having job security.

Being a day trader means you’re in charge of your own life, your own career, and your own money. It brings an unparalleled freedom in not just your daily life but to your futureThey’ve been able to pay off their debt and finally become financially stable. In fact, now on the days that he doesn’t trade, he doesn’t feel anxious anymore. 

He feels calm knowing that he has enough gains to sustain his growth. That confidence only comes from good strategies and knowledge.

EA's position today.

Today, he’s in a position in life where he can plan to travel across the world and embark into many different adventures that weren’t available to his former middle class lifestyle, once the pandemic eases up. He has plans to buy a sports car and will be buying one within the next few months. These are luxuries which he couldn’t even fathom owning or embarking in during his corporate job!

This is why EA often says that somehow it’s a good thing he got laid off because otherwise he would have never thought out of the box and taken the plunge to trade. A lot of my students are of the same opinion and feel fortunate they came across the Freedom Challenge when they did. Sometimes, a setback like being fired can be a blessing in disguise. But, of course, only if you find the right program and mentor.

So what is it that EA found enriching about the Freedom Challenge? What are the things that helped him the most? Let’s find out…

What EA Loves The Most About

The Freedom Challenge .

1: Weekly webinars and Webinar Archives

“The weekly webinars are the most valuable part of the Freedom Challenge because you get to speak with Dux weekly and see exactly how he trades, which makes his program so much more duplicatable than the other course I took before his,” says EA.

Being able to see exactly how your mentor traders and the thought process that goes behind it, in real-time, helps shape your mindset towards the best practices in trading (and steers you toward success). There are so many things you can’t learn from books. Strategies and patterns, trading psychology, keeping emotions at bay, staying focused… This and much more can be learned far more effectively with direct guidance from a good mentor.

Inside the Freedom Challenge, I do weekly webinars where I interact with my students. Many “experts” only provide knowledge and skills but won’t be around to support their students. And there are courses available that teach methods based on gut feeling…  

That’s what EA too was being taught in the course he had joined previously. It’s really not easy replicating strategies when they are based on someone else’s perceptions. You wouldn’t know what you’re supposed to do if the situation changes even slightly. With me, my students get access to strategies that are based on statistics, making them easy to replicate. Students who work with me are driven, passionate, and committed. And I’m just as committed to getting them on the path to success in trading. That’s why my students don’t just get my strategies and knowledge, they get direct access to me.

Students like EA appreciate this and put in the work to match my energy. Live webinars with me allow my students to see my process in real time, ask me questions, get my perspective on things, which in turn helps them understand how the markets move.  


2: Patterns and strategies that actually work

“When I compare what I learned from Dux’s Freedom Challenge to what I learned at Ryerson University, it all made sense,” says EA.

There’s an overwhelming number of strategies and patterns available on the internet. So, why is it students like EA often say the patterns I share inside The Freedom Challenge are one of the best aspects of the whole program? If there are all those free patterns readily available, why pay to join an exclusive program? 

That’s because the patterns and strategies available online and in books, don’t work. If they did, they wouldn’t be available for free.

Joining the Freedom Challenge gave EA access to patterns and strategies I’ve created over the last few years with a ton of research, practice, and effort. I share these with my students because I know they’re willing to put in the work and be passionate. Having access to this goldmine of knowledge helps them get an edge over other traders.

3: Easy To Replicate Strategies

“The eight strategies in the Freedom Challenge are plug and play. You just have to look for the right setup and it works to generate a lot of money per winning trade. Plus Dux teaches you how to minimize your risk so you don’t blow your account,” says EA.

One of the issues EA faced when working with his previous mentor was that the strategies given weren’t easy to put to use in real life. A lot of mentors guide their students toward strategies that are based on gut feeling rather than statistics. Those are not easy to replicate. Not everyone has the same thought process and they find it hard to replicate strategies that are based on someone else’s perspective and intuition. 

I believe that it’s better to go with strategies that are based on stats and facts. This way it’s much easier to replicate success so you can maximize gains and minimize losses.

EA certainly seems to agree with this, and it’s important to note that because he already had a degree studying finances, a lot of the strategies and overall approach inside The Freedom Challenge was familiar to him. This is a common trend I see when working with students, as those that are good with numbers or work with spreadsheets a lot find it easier to adjust and make the most momentum.

In my opinion, the best thing EA did for his career was that he didn’t give up after a few initial losses. He also didn’t insist on sticking with the same mentor, even though deep down he knew it wasn’t working. Some people are stubborn like this, and it never ends well. Instead, he searched for a new mentor that offered a different approach.

An approach that aligned with his style and ambitions far greater! 

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