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My Story

You might find it hard to believe, but when I first dipped my toes into the swirling currents of the stock market, my ambitions were modest. I was simply hoping to net an extra $1,000 per month. As a college student in Ohio, where entertainment options were somewhat sparse, this extra cash would have been a game-changer. It would have meant more nights out with friends, more movie tickets, more shared meals, and more memories.

But as I delved deeper into the world of stocks, something unexpected happened. The market, with its pulsating energy and intricate dynamics, began to fascinate me. It was like a complex puzzle waiting to be solved, a game of strategy and skill. It reminded me of my StarCraft gaming days, where every move mattered and every decision could be a turning point.

Before I knew it, I was hooked. The stock market was no longer just a means to an end. It had become a passion, an obsession. It was a world that challenged me, thrilled me, and pushed me to constantly learn and grow. And just like that, my journey in trading took on a life of its own.

My early successes

As my trading triumphs began to sparkle in the digital realm, I found myself awash in a sea of inquiries from fellow traders, all eager to learn from my journey. The idea of donning the hat of an educator or mentor hadn't originally been part of my blueprint. Yet, the tidal wave of interest in my victorious strategies nudged me to contemplate a new path - one where I could illuminate the way for others by sharing my hard-earned wisdom.


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Testing Strats

My passion for trading, I believe, is deeply rooted in my engineering background and my knack for subjects like physics and chemistry. Engineering honed my ability to scrutinize theories and methodologies, to put them through the wringer of real-world application, and to relentlessly pursue enhancement.

I embarked on a journey through a myriad of online courses, each one promising the secrets of successful trading, each one offering strategies and formulas from reputed stock traders. I dove headfirst into these courses, rigorously dissecting their strategies, putting their formulas under the microscope.

While some of these courses did yield success, many fell short of my unique criteria and needs. This realization didn't discourage me; instead, it fueled my determination. It pushed me to refine my approach, to polish my strategies, to create a trading blueprint that was uniquely mine. This journey, filled with trials and triumphs, has shaped me into the trader I am today.