How I Turned $41,000 Into $292,000 In 30 Days
Avoid fake gurus, predatory chat rooms, and learn what it takes 
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Hey, it's Steven with an exclusive account statement reveal. It is well known that I turned 27,000 dollars into roughly 4.2 million dollars in verified trades via the Stock Market. Mainly short selling penny stocks. All of my trades are verified right out of my stock account, and because I mainly short, nobody can say I'm pumping stocks into subscribers and selling into them like most of the penny gurus out there.

To verify on, which is the site I use at the current moment to show that I'm not full of B/S like all these other marketing gurus, one must enter their account information and then the data is pulled from the broker into Once this occurs, the trade has a check mark next to it like this ...
 * See our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. This is a hypothetical perfromace 
Considering that anyone can post on without verifying, it's essential to understand this distinction. Another way to make sure someone is not lying about their track record on is to click on the trade and look for an attached screenshot of their account statement. If someone does not have either of these things, the trade is most likely fake. 

Even though I do all this, people still do not believe the amount of money I have made. I have gone so far as to show my account statements like this 
 * See our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. This is a hypothetical perfromace 
As you can, someone wrote some pretty nasty words under the statement, but the funny part was that the broker of my trading account confirmed that the image was real. I use Trade Zero a lot to short penny stocks. I blocked out his twitter handle and face because I do not want to give him any free marketing or traffic. =) 

To prove myself further, I even allowed my self to be vetted by one of the biggest trolls of financial gurus, Emmett Moore, of Trading Schools Dot Org. His mind exploded as I backed up every claim I made on the internet with account statements. In his own words, he said: " I have never seen a trader make so much money in so little time." The only problem I had with the whole review was he only gave us 3.8 stars. When I asked him why, he wrote and I quote, " Nobody gets 5-stars on the first review. Though you certainly deserve it! The truth is that I enjoy being the troll living under the bridge. Let's do a 5-star in a few months."
At this point, you are probably asking yourself why show all this and write all this? Simply because I want you to understand that I am the real deal. My age is what catches everyone off guard, as well as how much I have made. I also want you to understand that there are not as many people as transparent as I am, and I can teach you how to do what I do. I trade when there is an edge in the market, and I can show you how to do the same. I put my soul into creating my content, and I genuinely want people to succeed in the market. I do not have to have a service, but I find I must do so considering there are so many fake educators out there with no transparency. How do people learn from other people, when their trading educator cannot practice what they preach? Or has been vetted? Either way, whatever you choose to do, make sure you research who you are learning from. 

Considering I want to give back to the trading community in a real way, I designed an all-inclusive training area. I took my content over the years and organized it. Here you will find not only my account statements of how I turned 40k into almost 300k in one month but also organized video content. Click the button below to register. 
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