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    1. Watch This Video

    1. Who is Steven Dux?

    2. How much do Day-Traders really make?

    3. Are you serious about building a small account?

    4. What are the best brokerages for day trading?

    5. How much capital do you need to trade PennyStocks?

    6. How to find the right stock to trade?

    7. How do Viruses Affect the Market?

    8. The correct approach to learning day trading

    9. Should Beginners Trade Low Float Stocks?

    10. How to start tracking stats as a beginner

    11. The 3 FREE Tools Every Trader Must Have

    1. How to stay consistently profitable with a SMALL trading account

    2. How to start SHORT selling Penny Stocks.

    3. How to Find the Right Stocks to Trade During Hypes

    4. How to use the HALT as your edge

    5. How to trade on the First Green Day

    6. Bio-Tech Stocks should you trade them?

    7. How to trade Bio-Tech hypes

    8. How to Trade Recent BioTechs

    9. How to find a REAL pattern

    1. How To Pick Winning Trades! Bounce Short & Resistance Trading!

    2. Ready to up Your Trading Game? Check out These High-Profit Patterns!

    3. Gap Up Short Secrets Revealed: How to profit from recent runners!

    4. How to profit consistently from the insane volume.

    5. How to Predict and Apply Market Cycles.

    6. The most overlooked supply and demand rule in stock market.

    1. How I Stay disciplined and stay profitable

    2. Reviewing the trades that made me 3+ million 2021

    3. How I adjust my statistics to predict market actions

    4. $280K Profit in 1 Day!

    5. $500K Profit Breakdown: My Biggest Wins & Losses Revealed

    6. Unveiling My Epic $600K Month!

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