What It’s Like To Own a Car That Beats the Bugatti Veyron: The Koenigsegg Regera (and WHY I Bought One)

What It’s Like To Own a Car That Beats the Bugatti Veyron: The Koenigsegg Regera (and WHY I Bought One)

What It’s Like To Own a Car That Beats the Bugatti Veyron: The Koenigsegg Regera (and WHY I Bought One) 1024 576 Steven Dux

Having surpassed the speed attained by the previous record-holder, the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg became the maker of the fastest production car in the world. 

Koenigsegg’s offering, the Regera, goes from zero to 400 kph (249 mph) and back to zero in record time (a miraculous 31.49 seconds), surpassing the records made in the past by Bugatti and Koenigsegg itself. 

Koenigsegg keeps making the fastest cars, continues to break records and you probably won’t even get to know this on auto websites or blogs, but as the owner of not one but two of their cars, I did my research and found out how many hyped-up supercars Koenigsegg has beaten in speed (and continues to do so). 

Today, let’s talk about one of the most innovative cars they have to offer, the Koenigsegg Regera, its unsurpassable performance and the unique features that make it one of the best hypercars available in the world—as well as why I bought not one but two of them.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with supercars. But it’s not because of the speed or the style, but rather because these cars are works of art. 

And just like art, the rarer it is, the more joy there is in owning one. 

This is what attracted me to the Koenigsegg Regera, which we will talk about today. 

Previously, I’ve published an article about my experience of owning the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a bit about my journey up until now, and how I realized my dream of owning these cars, which cars I have owned so far, and my brief thoughts on each. 

My fascination with exotic cars started when I was a teenager after I saw them displayed at dealerships, as I went about town with my parents. Whether it was a Lamborghini or Ferrari or Maserati, I was intrigued by them. 

All of them are absolute masterpieces when it comes down to the mechanical engineering! 

Like many kids, I grew a desire to own some (or many!!) of these in the future. Yet I never made a plan on how I would go about buying them. It was not until I discovered trading that I revisited my desire to own these kinds of cars. 

After I came to America, I was fortunate to live with a family who drove me around so I didn’t have the need for a car. It was during this time I applied to college and started living in a dorm, which is when I got my first car, the Honda Accord. 

It was also during this time I discovered the stock market and day trading, when I started my research on how I can make money, and sustain my livelihood in America because going back to China was not an option for me. 

I was already good at mathematics and statistics, so I gravitated toward trading. 

It started looking like something I could pursue and be good at. 

I decided to take the plunge and started studying trading during my night shift in my job at the dorms. I read tons of books, took many courses, devoured the internet, and started backtesting strategies I found. Many strategies I found had a win ratio of 50% or less. I knew that those were not for me, and focused on the strategies that yielded results of over 65% success ratio. 

Even now I focus only on strategies that have a minimum of 65% win rate and only teach those to my students. 

After doing research and studying for a year, I decided to actively enter trading with $27,000, lost almost half of it, and even had to put up my first car as collateral. 

(come to think of it, going from this point to owning multiple supercars has been quite the journey…but we will come to that soon)

Eventually, I got better and in the next three months made $900,000 with day trading. 

At the time of writing, my earnings are well over $11 million, which I verify on sites like Kinfo.

Once I got my footing in trading and started making money, I got myself an Audi A5. I enjoyed it, but considering the fact I made consistent profits, I wanted to upgrade to the exotic cars I always desired.

This started a whole new adventure…

Here Are Some of Those Amazing Cars I’ve Owned…

The McLaren 570S (my first exotic vehicle)

After the Audi A5, I got the McLaren 570S (my first exotic car).

At that time it was the perfect choice because it was the cheapest entry point vehicle into the exotic car market. 

I owned and loved it for years until I let it go. 

While I owned this car, I also upgraded my daily driver, the Audi A5, to a Mercedes Benz E450, which isn’t anything special but I enjoyed the Mercedes much better than the Audi.

At this point, I picked up my first Lamborghini Huracan.

Moving up to a Lamborghini took my supercar experience to a whole new level.

And then when the Aventador came out, I knew I needed to get the top-of-the-line model. 

So I got myself a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ about which I have done a whole article, which I am sure you will find interesting.

The Experience Of Owning A Koenigsegg Regera

Having owned quite a few supercars, I knew the next step had to be a Koenigsegg because it is the pinnacle in rare and luxurious cars—its lineup boasts of some of the fastest production cars available. 

Koenigsegg is a Sweden-based car manufacturer, and a fairly young company, founded in 1994, by Christian Von Koenigsegg, with the intention of producing world-class sports cars.

At the time of writing this, I own two Koenigsegg Regeras. The word Regera means “reign” or “rule”, which aptly describes my feeling about owning and driving this car. 

The following are some of the qualities of the Regera that stood out to me so I chose to go for it:

Rare and One Of A Kind

The Koenigsegg Regera is rare as the company limits production of the model to only 80 units. 

That makes this masterpiece, not just a car but an automotive work of art designed by artists who also happened to have mastered technology. 

All 80 build slots have been sold despite a base starting price of $2.2 million.

As someone who has owned quite a few supercars by now, it only made sense to go for a Koenigsegg. There is no better way to celebrate your passion for cars than something that is one of a kind.

A New Breed Of Hybrid 

The Regera is innovative and quite the game changer as it includes electric engines, making it one of the first hybrid hypercars. In fact, the company calls it a “new breed of hybrid”.

Traditionally, hybrids have the issue of being heavy, as they have two independent propulsion systems which make them a “hybrid” of the two. 

Below 30 mph, and for reverse, the Regera relies on electric propulsion. Three electric motors are present: one at each of the rear wheels and another mounted to the engine. The latter serves as the starter motor but can also recover energy as well as aid the engine by providing torque fill at lower revs. 

To facilitate the hybrid feature, there are separate exhausts for the electric and combustion engines. 

This quality of being a new kind of hybrid car sets it apart from the other supercars in the market and also makes it an investment piece. Soon all cars will become electric so this will only increase its unique, rare, and collectable status. 

Extremely Fast Speeds

The Koenigsegg Regera beat the time set by its predecessor Agera RS by a big margin. In 2019 the Regera set a new record for the fastest time from zero to 249 mph to zero in 31.49 seconds, which makes it the fastest production car in the market. 

This new time set by the Koenigsegg Regera is close to 10 seconds faster than the Bugatti Chiron which managed to do the same in 41.96 seconds. 

The peak output of the Regera is 1,500 horsepower, or enough to propel the car from 0-186 mph in only 10.9 seconds. 

Part of the reason why the Regera is so fast is because of a unique “fishtail” exhaust system that uses the flow of the exhaust to increase the car’s downforce. What’s interesting is that this design hasn’t previously been seen in production cars since 50 years ago, so the Regera really brings back the sound of performance cars from the past.

What you might find fascinating about their speed tests is that, according to the company, every single Regera (all 80 of them) is required to do a 0-to-186 mph sprint test before it’s delivered to the customer. It might sound ridiculous, but that is the level of quality check you can expect when you get a car that is this rare, special, and expensive.

Not all high-end performance car manufacturers develop and produce their own engines, gearboxes, and brake systems, but Koenigsegg does and that’s why they are miles ahead of any other manufacturer. 

Christian von Koenigsegg has even been known to say quite a few times that if they can’t find the right partner or solution for a problem they basically bring it in-house.

Their approach to car design leads to gems like the Regera, a hybrid that has 1500-horsepower but also brakes safely. There are carbon-ceramic discs under the calipers which the brand makes themselves consisting of carbon fiber strands instead of chopped up carbon fiber you’d find in most discs, providing efficient absorption and transfer of heat. 

All this leads to a system that performs well at any speed.

It’s an absolute beast that’s the perfect blend of innovative engineering with beautiful design and gives car enthusiasts a ridiculously fast, yet smooth drive. 

How does it give such a smooth drive? That brings us to the next point…

Drives Without A Gearbox

The Koenigsegg Regera does not have a gearbox, at all. Not even a reverse gear. 

This is because of a technology they called the Koenigsegg Direct Drive, which does away with the need for gears. 

The absence of gears does a few cool things: it makes the car drive much smoother than other fast cars because the Regera is not shifting through gears. In my Lamborghini Aventador SVJ article, I had spoken about how the drive sometimes is not very smooth. 

This is not a problem at all in the Regera. 

So while all Koenigseggs have been fast as that’s the company’s prime objective, the Regera blends outrageous speed with comfort, which in my opinion is rare and something I value about this car. 

The uncanny blend of speed, rarity, and comfort is what makes this particular Koenigsegg stand out, as even Koenigsegg’s Agera was fast but the Regera takes that a few steps ahead. The car essentially operates with a single gear due to a mechanism that uses the hydraulic coupling to convert torque at medium/high speeds during fast acceleration. 

Because of the lack of gears, the smoothness of the drive can actually feel a bit unusual at the beginning and takes a second to get used to. As anyone who’s used to supercars knows, when the car accelerates you kind of expect it to shift gears and provide a sensation that tells you the car has shifted into an upper gear and will go faster now. 

While you’re in the Regera, that doesn’t happen and the car accelerates smoothly without any shifts or jerky movements. I’ve been used to driving Lamborghinis for years, so I’m accustomed to the jerkiness of the vehicle, from acceleration to stopping and how the car kind of tosses you around when you drive. But this is absent from the Regera which makes it a smooth drive.

Koenigsegg plans to use the Direct Drive in future models as well so if one could not get their hands on the Regera, something even better will definitely come in the future and I am excited for it.

The Top 5 Most Talked About Features of the Koenigsegg Regera

Let’s take a deeper look and see just what makes a Koenigsegg Regera so special. 

You can see the full list of the features here on their website but, some top features of the Koenigsegg Regera include:

1: Koenigsegg Regera Performance

The performance of the Regera is one of its top features and what makes it one of the fastest cars in the world. 

The Regera can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 2.8 seconds and on to a (limited) top speed of 255 mph. It set a new record by getting from 0-400-0 kph (0-249-0 mph) in a little over 31 seconds. And as I mentioned earlier, each Regera they make is required to do a 0-to-186 mph sprint test before it gets delivered to the customer.

These speeds are achieved mainly because of the unique engine. 

The Regera generates up to 1,500 hp with the benefit of electric propulsion and a Direct Drive system that delivers instant torque. 

This brings us to…

2: Koenigsegg Direct Drive Transmission 

This feature has been developed specifically for the Regera by Christian von Koenigsegg and the Koenigsegg Advanced Engineering team. 

The Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) Transmission removes the traditional gearbox from the car, making it a car that works very differently from traditional ones. 

The KDD provides direct drive to the rear axle from the engine without needing gears or a variable transmission—all of which have inherently high energy losses.

This kind of transmission system makes the Regera incredibly smooth to drive as the car does not have to shift through gears at all. 

The main reason to buy a Regera—beyond its rarity—definitely surrounds this unique engine. 

The Direct-Drive transmission of the Regera gives a blistering performance, while at the same time offering one of the smoothest, most soothing driving experiences possible. 

This technology also makes the car very easy to drive. 

Just put it in drive mode and off you go. 

3: The First Fully Robotized Car

One of the coolest features of the Regera is what they call “Autoskin”, which allows you to open the doors, hood, and front trunk remotely using the car’s hydraulic system. 

This makes it the first fully robotized car in the world, with an entire carbon fiber exterior. This means that everything that can open or close or move around is all electronically controlled and can be done so at the touch of a button on the key (with the ghost button).

This not only adds visual drama but practicality. It makes controlling the car controls much easier, keeps the exterior virtually fingerprint-free, and ensures the car looks clean and like the day you got it.

You do not need to touch your car anymore to gain access to it! It’s amazing!!

The rear wing goes up and down hydraulically, as do the doors and front and rear clams. It’s a treat to watch. A typically mundane action has been given the visual drama that’s unparalleled when compared to other cars.

Using the remote (key), you’re able to open the doors displaying the interior. Your date does not even have to touch the doors to sit in the car, so it’s a cool feature that allows you to show the car off. 

Set the car into “Show Mode” and it opens everything up. 

Overall this “Autoskin” feature can operate and open everything that can move around including the doors along with the window and side mirrors, the trunk, the rear wing, and even the engine can virtually open up the car at the touch of a button.

I’ll be honest, as an owner of this car, these gimmicks get pretty old eventually. But it is one of the most talked-about features of the car and something that’s novel about it. 

4: Koenigsegg Regera Exterior

Just like the engine (and the engineering behind it), the exterior of this car is a work of art too. 

There’s a lot going on so let’s talk about the most interesting aspects of the exterior. The body is made of carbon fiber, although it probably does not look like it because there’s a white coating on top of it. 

Interestingly a completely bare, non-coated carbon Koenigsegg Regera exists too which actually shows off the carbon body even better. 

Starting at the front, the Regera has a softer aesthetic compared to its predecessors with a sloping nose, with a battery connector located here centrally. 

The car is instantly recognizable due to its Constellation DRL system, scattered LEDs around the lamp cluster that look like stars set against a night sky of its polished carbon fiber.

The LEDs make the lamp look like it’s studded with diamonds, enhancing the look of this beautiful masterpiece. 

Right here on the front and also at the rear are parking sensors that make driving around the city a breeze, as it takes the hassle out of parking. The visibility of a supercar or hypercar is not comparable to a regular sedan so these are much required and helpful. 

I have observed that they make it much easier to park in tight spots. 

The Regera also includes a 360-degree camera that provides a birdseye view of the Regera to help with parking.

The large wraparound windscreen with a single central wiper is a classic Koenigsegg feature. 

The roof is removable, but I prefer the look of the car with the roof down. 

This is also because it isn’t easy to take the top down and requires two people to do it. 

Koenigsegg offers a high level of customization on the Regera, including 18-karat gold leaf highlights on both the exterior and interior of the car. 

Coming to the sides of the car, a gold strip made of real gold runs through the middle of it. 

Despite it being made of real gold, the trim does not look too flashy, but kind of adds subtle detail to the look of the car making it look even more regal than it does—again justifying the meaning of its name.

At the bottom, there’s a carbon fiber side skirt on each side. There’s a small button for the door on the sides too, and the air intake on the side panels is redesigned for improved airflow and cooling.

Coming to the rear, the active rear wing is a marvel of engineering. 

The entire mechanism weighs just 5kgs but provides 310 kgs of downforce.

For the wheels, Koenigsegg patented Aircore technology, to craft one-piece, hollow-core carbon fiber wheels. This means lighter wheels which means better acceleration. 

Also means ​​less rotational mass giving more efficient braking.

Coming to the rear of the car, we first find an LED brake light, Koenigsegg in text, and backup camera. Centrally, you can spot the bespoke fishtail exhaust, designed by Koenigsegg, and manufactured in conjunction with Akrapovič.

Akrapovič is widely recognized as a highly innovative company that makes the lightest, most beautiful, and technically advanced exhaust systems in the world. 

This system that Koenigsegg created along with Akrapovič uses the flow of the exhaust to increase the car’s downforce. This helps the car’s performance. 

This exhaust system created in association with Akrapovič is for the electric portion of the engine, to prevent overheating, while the exhaust at the front is the main exhaust used for the combustion engine.

The car’s rear charge input is just above this structure. 

This is the second charge input along with one at the front. 

5: Koenigsegg Regera Interior

The interior of the car is as luxurious as you’d expect at this price point. Yet at the same time, it remains clean and minimalistic. 

You can use the buttons on the key to open all of the doors and get in without touching the car. Once you’re in, you can rest the key on a magnetic holder to the left of the steering wheel. 

The door can then be closed via a button on the central array. 

Speaking of getting into the car, I have to say it is quite a task! As someone who owns other exotic cars, I have experienced that the Regera makes it way more difficult to slide into the car which is because of the side panels which are too wide.

But once inside, there are a whole bunch of features—let’s talk about a few interesting ones. 

The first is how the steering wheel is a flat bottomed one, with carbon at the top and then leather around the wheel—giving it a comfortable feel and chic look. 

It just ups my mood a little bit every time I have my hands on it. 

In other supercars, the paddles besides the steering wheel are for gear shifting but here, since there is just one gear and no gearbox, the paddles are used to switch to the direct drive system and to handle the brakes. 

Continuing down and to the center of the dash, there’s a 9-inch display, which is an upgrade from all previous models. 

he Home view shows the car’s configuration with the doors up. 

The second display shows the tyre pressure and temperature. 

The first menu on the bar at the top displays thr media settings, showcasing Apple Carplay, Bluetooth, or USB. After the media are the controls which operate the headlights, rear wing, and rear charge port. 

Next is Performance, where you can access drive modes. On this display panel, you can also adjust the ambient lighting of the car, and change it to various colors which look pretty cool and aesthetically pleasing. 

On the dashboard itself, you can control the various performance modes like comfort mode, wet/snow mode, normal mode, and racetrack mode. 

Coming down from that, you then see a control array shaped like the Koenigsegg shield, where you start/stop the car—I appreciate that they’ve given two cup holders below that, which makes things easier on coffee runs. 

The seats are upholstered in leather and come with memory foam, but I think they’re lacking in comfort due to the tight fit in the vehicle. 

Space is also lacking. The glove box has been completely replaced by two charging ports and two dedicated spaces for wireless devices such as phones. The center console is quite small as well, as it can barely hold a phone. However, if you have a larger plus sized Apple iPhone or a larger Android device, it won’t even fit into the space provided. 

Overall, despite the space issues, the interior feels pretty luxurious and beautiful. For the price of the car, I think it’s only fair we’re sitting in something that’s not just fast but pleasing to look at. 

What I Love The Most About Owning This Car

Having owned supercars before, I knew my next step had to be a Koenigsegg—and I’m sure I’ll continue to buy Koenigseggs in the future. 

They are top of the line when it comes to supercars and hypercars. 

The brand actually surpasses everything out there when it comes to innovation. As we discussed earlier, if they can’t find the right partner or solution for a problem they basically bring it in-house.  

This philosophy of the brand makes me proud to own two Koenigseggs and I shall continue to invest in their future models. I already have my eyes set on their new offering, the Koenigsegg Jesko, so maybe you will read about it as well here soon. 😎

The Regera is actually an interesting investment piece because while it’s mostly electric, it also has your traditional combustion engine. As time goes by, the traditional gas combustion engines will become rarer and eventually completely obsolete as government guidelines make manufacturers compelled to make only electric vehicles. 

The Regera has the best of both so it will become extremely rare going forward, making it a solid investment. Anything that becomes rare appreciates in value so if I ever choose to, I can sell it at a profit. 

As a trader, that aligns with my philosophy on how investments should be made. 

Owning a Koenigsegg represents my journey for me, from being able to earn over $11 million in verified trades and continue to help countless students make their mark in the world of trading.

My Koenigsegg cars and other supercars I own are not just vehicles for me but they represent the dreams of all of my students. This shows them that day trading can be life-changing and they need to keep putting in the effort.

A very small number of people are able to undertake the extreme discipline it takes to become a profitable and consistent day trader, and any student associated with me understands that. 

When they see the assets that I showcase and resemble the success I have achieved, they’re motivated to become a part of that small number of people. I love my journey and what it represents. It’s a journey that my students and I can be proud of together.

What I Don’t Love About This Car

Despite my love for the Regera, there are some downsides that I must mention too. 

For starters, this car requires quite a lot of maintenance. 

There are two charging points you need to keep plugged in all the time when you’re not using the car. The charging port at the front plugs into a regular wall outlet—a standard one that is generally used with other cars which can be plugged into a regular wall outlet—but the one on the back needs a specific charging station made by Koenigsegg (which is expensive). This port can be accessed by moving up the rear wing using the key. 

You need to use both of these chargers simultaneously so that the car can be at its optimal performance.

At first, when I first owned the car, I only used the rear charging system and my car kept having performance issues. What I discovered after multiple conversations with the dealership is that charging through the one on the back is not enough, so you have to keep both points plugged in to make the car perform well and to its utmost capabilities. 

When it comes to the usability of the car, this is the kind of vehicle you’ll only be using for special occasions (so that’s something to keep in mind). 

A public road cannot really give you the feel of the actual capabilities of a single-gear car that can hit 250mph. It is still fun to drive anywhere though.

These special occasions cannot really include weekend trips though (forget longer) as the trunk has space to keep maybe a jacket, or, at the most, one outfit. So it’s not a very practical trunk. 

The car falls short on luggage space, like most supercars.

The visibility is not great either. There are a handful of blind spots when driving the vehicle like the side and the rear. The parking sensors on the front and rear do help with the visibility issue while parking, but they only go so far.

And while the doors being automated is excellent, sometimes they tend to bug out because of the sensors. And as I said earlier, it’s pretty difficult getting in and out of the car.

Despite these things I don’t like, I truly am glad I got the Regera and will continue to buy Koenigseggs in the future. They are known for innovation and their approach to design tells me they will keep bringing better and better models.

Why Owning a Car Like This Matters To a Day Trader Like Me

Owning a Koenigsegg not only brings me pride but a lot of joy. Just looking at it, marveling at its innovations, and knowing that you own a work of art that’s one of a kind is quite the experience. 

When you own a Koenigsegg, you become a part of an exclusive group. I’ve had exotic cars for the past half-decade but the Regera is so unique in its innovative engineering that it’s one of my most prized possessions. 

To be able to realize that I’ve made possible what I had once dreamed of as a teenager is quite unfathomable, considering that when I started my day trading journey, all I was hoping to earn was an extra $1,000 a month.

It really is amazing, driving me to stay focused as well as give back to the trading community. 

Life as a day trader may look glamorous, and, while it can be, it’s also a lot of hard work (with a lot of lonely days). When you find success as a day trader, don’t forget that it’s important to have a little fun in life too—whether it is cars or some other passion. 

It provides the motivation to keep going.

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know more about me and why I chose to purchase the Regera and my thoughts on it. 

Feel free to go through my site to learn more about me and what I do. 

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