Stock Market 101 – Broker, Trading / Scanning Software

Stock Market 101 – Broker, Trading / Scanning Software

Stock Market 101 – Broker, Trading / Scanning Software 1024 555 Steven Dux

New members of the big family often have questions like: What should I use to watch/scan my stocks? How do I actually trade? There are two options I recommend: Stocks to trade on PC, Stock Tracker as a backup on my phone when I needed it. Picking a ticker to trade is a lot easier with Stocks to Trade, with its built in stock scanner. From there, I would then pick the one(or two) that fits my interest.

New members can register and subscribe to Stocks to Trade for 1 US Dollar per day for the first seven days. Afterwards, it is going to be $179.95 monthly subscription fee (or $1899.5 yearly).Even the subscription fee is really high, but it is seriously my favorite software in dealing with penny stocks (

Introduction to Stocks to Trade.

Breaking down to each windows:

Customize scanner preference:

Located at the top left corner of the screen. Here you can select what type pf ticker do you want it to be appearing on your screen. Play around with the options and find the ones that fits you(and your strategy) the best.

All here to satisfy your control freak needs. Stocks to Trade also supports display multiple custom ticker list at the same time.

After clicking on “create new”, an unedited list pops up. Within the list, you should be able to fien tune it to find what you wanted.

For those who holds their long positions for quite a while, you can create a list of them to keep track of them.

Pattern Editor

Located at the upper right corner of the stock pattern, here you can adjust the stock pattern displaying units/length.


The axis of the pattern are displayed above, vertical axis is the price. Underneath the price pattern, the vertical axis are the volume bar value. Horizontal axis are the corresponding time display.

If you wish, you can draw guides on the price pattern using tools displayed in the menu too. Remember to click back to cursor once your done, other wise you wouldn’t be able to click away.

On top of the pattern editor, are toggles for functions displayed above.

Stock Statistics,

Located at the bottom left corner of the price pattern, are the stock statistics. Sometimes it would have an update issue where the float is not very current. But you can always find alternatives sources to compare and contrast if you feel like the statistics are weird.

If you don’t see the statistics window, click the highlighted toggle and you’re good.

Level II

Though the statistics window above, we can make some simple analysis on support, resistance, and resistance volume. Note that these statistics is fake-able. So it can only be used as a vague reference, and requires further investigation before making an execution. 

Time & Sales

The difference between this window and the level II is that, this is the trades that have just completed. Note that the size of the trade can be faked too.

News section for the ticker.

2. Stock Tracker (Android, IOS, Web)

Stock Tracker is a free stock tracker for mobile devices (and for web browsers), with no noticeable latency. Using it to scan may not be as easy. The benefit of having it is when you have no access to a computer. Oh, it also has a built in paper trade simulator.

Typing in the symbol.

It’s a bit annoying that it would list out all the matched (or partially matched) tickers when you just wanted to get to the one you want with the confirm key.

Android: Swipe left for more options with the ticker

IOS: Swipe right for more options with the ticker

The app also supports linking your brokers account to let you trade on the platform.

Paper Trade

Android: In the side menu

IOS: at the main screen

For shorting, in the real market, almost all the situation happens to require a locate before a short can happen. Yet in the simulator there are always shares to short. Don’t rely on the simulator to improve your trades, it really can’t help you much.

That’s all for now, for more helpful tips and tricks check out my YouTube channel, and click here to find out how I turned $27,000 into $3,000,000 before the age of 24.

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  • Paul Kennedy June 12, 2020 at 2:21 am

    I have been educating myself for the last 3 months on day trading before I start paper trading and then trade with account. Of all the teachers on You Tube I have seen, I appreciate your very informative information, techniques and clear explanations the most. I look forward to joining you in the future. Thank you. Paul Kennedy

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