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Member Reviews:

I remember it well my final year at college, when I first began to study the markets.


What a minefield!

There’s so much advice and so-called “experts” who apparently have the perfect strategy/technique/formula. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake. Even when you do find something or someone that seems legit, they share so much content that it’s difficult to cut through the noise…

  • The fast cars, private jets and yacht parties
  • The stacks of money and the designer clothes
  • The travel and the lifestyle you dream about

 It seduces you. And that’s why they share it: to distract you. To distract you from the fact that their strategies aren’t effective. To distract you from the tiny student success rate (often just 0.1%).

To distract you from their shady tactics and scams.

It got me, at first. I spent more time dreaming about the life I could have than on doing the work I needed to do to live it. But once I saw this, I couldn’t unsee it. And what I realized hit me hard.

  • How most of the so-called “experts” don’t verify their trades and straight up lie about the money they make…
  • How they manipulate the market, pushing stocks onto their audience, just to pump up the price so they can get out and make money (while all their followers lose)…
  • How they create more and more content to mask the fact that what they do share isn’t high quality and won’t help most people get results…
  • How they promote “Boiler Room” tactics that do nothing but fuel bad reputation that already cast a bad shadow over Penny Stocks…

When I began to properly look, I realized some of the biggest names in this industry are frauds. They promote a handful of successful case studies, but forget to share the thousands of people who lost out. I couldn’t believe what I saw!I felt like I had been taken for a ride. It’s this that drives me to do what I do today, in the most transparent, honest and ethical way I can.

  • I verify ALL of my trades and upload them to sites like Profit.ly
  • I produce live streams of the trades I make and share them with my students
  • I constantly refine my strategies, so I only deliver what you need
  • I avoid the OTCBB and Pink Sheets because there isn’t enough volume to fulfil trades and you can get stuck and lose A LOT (despite what the “experts” say)

I know how much money you can make when you trade the “right” types of penny stocks. With the right work ethic, tools and knowledge, you can change your life. But there’s no miracle solution, despite what the “gurus” tell you.That’s why I don’t want to showcase my results here and throw a bunch of numbers at you. Instead, I want to SHOW you the results from my students, so that you can see for yourself…

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I don’t want you to blindly believe everything I say. I want the data and testimonials to speak for themselves because my system is only worth your time if you are able to see results, too. That’s why I encourage every person I work with to leave an honest review. If YOU are one of my current students, I encourage you to leave one, too.

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Leaving your review is quick and easy. While inside, read what other people have to say about me, my strategies and the techniques I use. I value your time and I appreciate the skepticism this industry creates. There’s a lot of white noise and A LOT of “experts” who only care about how much money they make. Feel free to get to know me outside of what I’m saying by hearing what others are saying. I hope this information helps you determine whether I’m someone worth getting to know further, or even working with. If so, here are a few important links that share more about my story and approach.

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