Recent Runner Analysis: $GEVO, $NAKD, $AETI, $FORD

Recent Runner Analysis: $GEVO, $NAKD, $AETI, $FORD

Recent Runner Analysis: $GEVO, $NAKD, $AETI, $FORD 1024 546 Steven Dux

Super spikes can be an investor dream if managed correctly. A perfect example of a crazy super spike was $GEVO.

Super spike: $GEVO

This stock starts at $3 and ended north of $20. Now $GEVO didn’t have much for heavy resistance, and with that, we see the stock gap up in the long term. Some traders get anxious after watching a few days of non-movement. Once you see stocks perking in the morning or recognize the variation, you need to chase the strength, but you can buy pullbacks and risk the open price.

Gap up: $ASTC

$ASTC was another considerable gap up, and as we know, super gap up’s have an average squeeze percentage before they come down. Tracking the data again is vital to the success of trading, especially for super spikes and gaps. These statistics will help you figure out the pattern and where the stock might end in growth. As soon as you see a red day, be patient, even if the stock takes a hit of 50% of the spike, it is unlikely to follow with another red day.

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