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Trading Techniques

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 39 reviews
by Kiran on Trading Techniques

Very. Good dvd

by Nicholas Nickel on Trading Techniques
Trading Techniques is a MUST see

At first I was skeptical of paying this much and I prayed I didnt get ripped off but,After watching this DVD, I guarantee you will become a better trader. Steven breaks everything down to easily understand what he is teaching and it is worth every penny you pay. TRUST ME and it is way better than the Tim Sykes DVDs. Thank you Steven for putting the time and effort into making this informative DVD.

by sarb sandhu on Trading Techniques

fucking amazing thats all i can say

by Koamivi Amedifou Sewa on Trading Techniques

It is awesome, i highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking to understand how to trade, and all the technical analysis are very good and easy to understand. thanks Dux.

by dechen tharchen on Trading Techniques
best of the best

best dvd in the world

by Predrag Risovic on Trading Techniques

It took me a little time to look, beside my child, but now at the end I can only say that this DVD is abnormal source of information. Recently I bought a lot of DVDs from Tim Sykes, however I wanted to pay attention to this DVD so I could see it in peace. A lot of simple steps for beginners and keep your attention all the way. Maybe I can suggest to add a little more infos how to use STT with your tactic and a little more live trades, when you buy or sell. That will be really useful for new traders. 5 star for video, understanding is also good although English is not your first language. I am waiting for new videos or something updated. Keep doing and always make it simple as you can.

by Thomas on Trading Techniques
Prodigy he is.

Not bad... not bad... Thank you for giving back! Hope to meet you soon.

by Calvin Walker on Trading Techniques
Trading Technique is a Must Have

Steven Du is the Bruce Lee of the stock market, who is very generous and very open to share everything he learned about the stock market, expect no B.S. in Trading Technique it is very detailed, I have had a lot of Ah ha moments from watching Trading Technique. If you liked his YouTube channel than this is a no brainier to buy, it is worth the price for sure. The 5 stars that other reviewers left are no exaggeration it is a 5 star rating for sure. Trading Technique is a video that i could keep re watching over and over. This is all I need for education "Trading Technique + Google search + Investopedia + YouTube in case Dux uploads a video.

Rich Content - Superp Teacher

Thank you Steven for not holding back. You indicated you would share it all and you have accomplished that goal. I will watch this many times to glean all its treasure. Straight to the point, including the ever important psychology of trading and the subliminal role it plays with the trader. Your visuals, data, and thesis to every strategy are rock solid with comprehension. You are a Master. Thank you!

by srinath on Trading Techniques
Trading Technique

Thank you very much in making this DVD. I learned psychology of how traders think. This DVD has a no bs approach.Dux, I also request you to teach us some overnight hold strategies, as I'm still under PDT and want to be creative getting around it.

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