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Chat Room Reviews
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 by Alexandra
Chat Room Reviews

Hi Steve

Trading techniques are just great! Thank you for making it so on point! I’ll be sure to update on positive result$$$!

I do have a question! What is the track that plays at the end of each of your YouTube videos? 😉

 by W
Chat Room Reviews

Yes, you are thinking another fake review. Actually when I first joined Dux' chatroom, that's what I thought. These are all paid reviews. But realistically it has taken me 5 months to realize the true value. I am reviewing this now because I want to give back what Steven and his team has given me. Maybe it has taken this long to realize, maybe I am just a slow learner.

This chatroom like others are full of all kinds of skill level traders, what you can learn from the room is up to you. If you want to follow alerts; Dux is pretty dead on when it comes to calls. Most newbies and seasoned traders profit. But to be honest, that is not the way. I think to be truly successful as a trader, you need to observe him much closer and copy not his alerts but his style of trading.

Prerequisite, it is highly advisable to get his dvd. People whine it costs a lot, but think of it as tuition. If you are going to medical school, how much are you willing to pay for books and tuition. If you want to succeed in the stock market, how much is that worth to you? 1k? 10k? Let's be reasonable.

Good luck all and happy trading.

 by patientmachine
Chat Room Reviews

Last year, I had bought Dux's dvd which was very informative and I had learned a lot from it. Since I have a small account, Dux always mentioned on the dvd that going long was the best strategy to build a small account and shorts were best for a bigger account which made a lot of sense but the chat room didn't follow the dvd too much since there are very little strategies for Long and many of the people on chat have small accounts so it would it make more sense to focus on long to help build their small account up instead of going short crazy. I wish Dux and his chat helpers would also focus on Long as well instead of mostly shorts I understand the short strategies from the dvd but I am being patient about it until my account is bigger. I also understand that this chat is very new and will need many improvements.

 by Phil gagner
Chat Room Reviews

Keep the good work

 by Nicholas Nickel
Chat Room Reviews

This is the VERY BEST chat room you can ever possibly be apart of. Steven is amazing at what he does and goes above and beyond by giving you a watchlist and is live in the room daily. He will alert you when there are great trades by prioritizing them for you and let you know if he is not comfortable with you getting into certain setups for the day. Its definitely a win/win in my book and I have made good money being here.

 by Justin
Best chat room tier2

I must say tier2 is a must, the chat room is good but the information about all the setups statistics how they are working this month and lately is so important. And he’s giving you all of the information about what’s important to make these setups work so you can spot them yourself and maximize them in real time and not follow alerts or what others suggest here. You can be self sufficient if you really study the information he gives and watch the videos over and over. You can also use the stuff about the resistance volume to help you create your own strategies that we could share and try to help each other improve. Especially if we’re tracking them like dux through spread sheets and journals. It’s worth the extra investment from 99 to 149. If my account wasn’t small and I have kids I would go tier 3 for sure. This chat room is about learning from a great teacher and learning to do it yourself not follow. Thanks dux!

 by Topher_84

Dux's chat room is next level! After being down $5k (verified I sought out a hands-on-mentor (Dux) who traded a similar style. Since joining I have managed to go green (after about a year) and dig myself out of being down $5k in 1 month. His guidance, patience and knowledge and mentor-ship are a MUST for those looking to take their game to the next level.

 by jan

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 by Cee So
Great Room but needs lots of work

I know its just the first month and they are working on many things but here is my review. Let me start by saying I have made a large amount of money from the first month in the room BUT that being said I have traded professionally for a long time. If the room is to survive it needs to be more helpful for the losing traders and it is dropping the ball in a few aspects. 1. Steven needs to give more detailed instructions of how he is personally managing his trades. There is no way of knowing what trades he is in or his stops and targets without scrolling back in the chat a long long way and that takes time and new traders could lose a lot of money. It would be good if his posts were somehow sorted for easy access. (I Understand they are working on this and it is essential). 2. It looks like the people that have bought his DVD are the ones understanding the trades he calls the best and he needs to be more clear on the fact that the room is just a taste and for people to be safe they need to buy the DVD and use the room like a guide. I think many people came into the room hoping to make money and then buy the DVD but I think that is very dangerous. They need to buy the DVD first, in my opinion, it seems like its essential to follow the trades and manage them correctly. Overall I love the room and would recommend it to anyone who has bought his DVD or has lots of trading experience and I would warn new traders to take it very slow and trade very small if your just following the rooms trades.

 by richard

Best trading room....

 by BottomPhishing
New Blood

With discipline, belief and the right knowledge, we become the best we can be. Dux exceeds in offering all of the above. Dux is the new blood in trading.

 by Fast.Expand

Pro: Dux is a god, he got penny stock trading down to a exact science as close as you can eith trading. He comments most of his trades in the chatroom and winning % are unreal. But don't sign upfor the chatroom just to copy trades.

Con: most of daddy Dux's trades in the chatroom are not apart of the 8 stratgies he outlined in the DVD. Most if the trades are short/long into resistance/support, swing trade or shorting based on panic levels. Also, he does not go over his reasoning for all of the trades, it would be great if he gave his rational on his trades on the next day watchlist.

 by Kyle

Steven Dux Chatroom is my favorite chatroom that I have found. With just one week of being in the chatroom I have already learned a lot. Thank you Dux for sharing your knowledge and helping me become a better trader!

 by founshwe0110afc
Chat Room Review

very useful ,chat room, the Best room every, since i join i started making money, Better than Other chat room.every body should join this chat room,, if crowded later i afraid there is really hard to locate share

 by Davone

The chatroom is extremely helpful. By far the best chatroom I have been in. People are so helpful with one another, plus Dux teaches a lot in the chatroom. life changing! thank you DUX!


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