I Fell Asleep on the Market

I Fell Asleep on the Market

I Fell Asleep on the Market 1024 546 Steven Dux
A recent stock that

Was on fire this week

$AWX as 50,000 shares were executed in the morning push. Now, many people don’t experience this, and that’s what makes this ticker unique. When you see the premarket has high saturation and a massive morning panic, you know something strange is going on.

If the stock starts acting up, be careful, especially when shorting into weakness, and buying into strength because you can easily get trapped and lose a ton of money.

When the market as a whole is boring, people often look for anything and everything to trade because everyone wants to make money.

Winning at these percentages

Most of the strategies taught online for free don’t win at these percentages. I usually operate with eight strategies and I teach those to my students, and 20% of the students I work with end up turning what they learn into a profitable new career. But this last month, I had my biggest one ever and broke $1.15 million in trades. I wanted to outline exactly how I did it and how it could work for you.

In theory, if you made the exact same trades I made at the exact same time frames, you could have earned the same percentage on your portfolio as I did.

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