How To Make 60k In A Week From Trading

How To Make 60k In A Week From Trading

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Today I want to talk about how I make such large profits based on fundamentals. The key to making a profit like 60k in a week is to trade what you know; otherwise, you might as well go and play roulette since you’ll just be gambling.



If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering why we track trades, and there are several reasons.

When looking at a chart, we want to know the average spiking percentage. If I were to short, it’s beneficial to know that shorting without resistance, say a gap up, will typically push that average percentage near 20-30%. A lot more goes into the thought process when we look at volume exhaustion and figuring out someone’s mentality. Tracking trades and building patterns will bring awareness to these gap-up shorts because they might bust through your risk, and you need to be prepared for that. That’s why, as a beginner, I don’t recommend shorting gap-ups when you still need practice in tracking.

I have people looking to go long that ask about dip-buying, which can get very tricky as well.

There’s so much mental correlation and understanding that goes into working with larger caps, as we previously discussed. Stocks trading with massive caps and volume tend to bounce back, but that can take serious time. My trading technique about the fundamentals behind gap-up shorts or bounce shorts play into the understanding of people’s psychology.

With the understanding of people’s psychology, you can then use to counter different strategies and feel prepared enough to do so. Now, we aren’t looking at a perfect science because there’s always that 10-15% chance that a stock goes irrational, and then it’s best to cut losses and start again once it falls back with resistance.

Let's look at recent runner $VTVT and how applying the stock’s psychology will lead to smart choices.



$VTVT starts with a massive run and then is followed up four bounce shorts.

You’re playing a dangerous game if you look to get in on the front side, but if you survive that hype, the bounce shorts later on become much more predictable. Notice, though, I said if you survive. Gaining the patience and knowledge to know that the front side makes you vulnerable is key because it would be much safer to hammer in on just those bounce shorts. Just like $YECO, if you come in with a stock trading upwards of 100 million shares, then your ability to predict goes out of the window.

Coming in on the front side of $VTVT is the same concept because you have no history to balance your action and no way to know if history will repeat itself since it’s not available to study. There are so many predictable options than just shorting the frontside; wait until the hype is over and see which strategy works. We also see the importance of tracking trades with $GTXI because you might be asking, where is my entry? We saw this ticker get stuffed near $3, and sometimes gap-ups don’t push through and just fade straight back.

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