How I’ve Made $350k In A Month

How I’ve Made $350k In A Month

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Today I want to discuss how individual gains led me to make $350,000 in one month.

My major moves are mixed between bounce-up shorts, gap-up shorts, and some from micro float with one player, $ABIL, making up most of the profit. Even though I was down $35,000 in the front and made back $10,000, I saw a $100,000 gain after the dump and overnight-holding, which gave me that extra $60,000.



Here’s my thought process with $ABIL because a lot went into those losses and gains.

The stock was a pre-market breakout, but because the volume was stuffed right at the opening, I couldn’t break the $4, so I shorted. Even though I kept my size small, I took a loss because the resistance was $8. After flipping back, I noticed a fake-out and assumed people would start selling their positions, resulting in the next breakout, which I then cut losses and waited for the stock to hit the $7-8 area.

I ended up shorting near $6.60 while waiting for the bounce, and the next one came in strong.

However, I didn’t go in because, based on this pattern, the stock probably had more to offer. If you see a bounce coming from a massive panic, reaches over 75%, or comes back up in a short amount of time, then it’s incredibly likely that the stock will reach a new high.

I ended up shorting again and risking the high as the stock hit $8 because I didn’t want to go long in the resistance zone. I thought I was riding it down when $ABIL bounced again, which amplified my frustration, but my entry was $7.50, and that was a comfortable position.

As we approached the last half hour of the day...

I was nervous about holding that many shares overnight, but the stock dumped, faded back to $5, gapped down 40%, and took all of my profits near $3.40. I don’t think I overtraded with $ABIL, and I think there was room for improvement with this trade even though I cut my losses. You don’t want to trade a stock, especially in micro float, far from the resistance, and we see with $ABIL. In this scenario, the right move would be too long, and I don’t want you to get caught up being biased over that.

There's nothing wrong with taking advantage of the situation and going long if it's the right move.

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