How I Missed 100k In Profit

How I Missed 100k In Profit

How I Missed 100k In Profit 1024 546 Steven Dux
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Today we are going over some plays that I missed as well as some that I caught. There’s a lot of activity with player $NBEV; it’s been hot for days and had a massive drop at the end of the week. $NBEV had a decent upside; however, I didn’t catch it, nor did I catch the downside yet. I had mentioned shorting near $10 because of the open range between $10 to $7, which is a 20% drop. But the fact that $NBEW trades 100 million shares put me off; acting support can have a massive drop that traps those shorts so be cautious.

Because we are trading billion-dollar market caps in $CRON and $TORY, I want to be more conservative on the stock side of $NBEV.


These large market caps tend to have hedge funds involved, whereas $NBEV appeals more to retail traders.

I trade stocks by statistics, and if I don’t have enough confidence or have conflicting factors, I stand back to analyze what’s going to happen. Knowing those warnings is why me missing out on $NBEV became a learning experience, and I can now use this as a reference to make better decisions next time. Everyone has a fear of missing out, but use it to improve your trading and to be more aware of the stock when it happens.

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