Dux Analysis on Recent Stock Manipulation

Dux Analysis on Recent Stock Manipulation

Dux Analysis on Recent Stock Manipulation 1024 546 Steven Dux
$AWX, $HMNY, and $GBR


Today I want to talk about the tickers $AWX, $HMNY, and $GBR. The problem is one guy decided to purchase 200-300,000 shares in micro floats resulting in some unheard-of squeezes. This type of buy-up can lead to massive supernovas. When this kind of situation is in play, this guy can decide to dump all of his shares at once, and you’re looking at all retail traders losing money.

We can see this big players influence, especially with $GBR, since it’s a micro float. If the float starts rotating, the individual resistance here does not apply to the super micro float. When seeing this float rotate 5-10 times, this can be dangerous as the stock breaks the prior days high.

Breaking this high presents a chance for these big guys to size in with volume

…and once the resistance breaks, a massive short squeeze will allow them to sell into the strength. It is dangerous shorting multiple float rotation stocks that are super micro float because individual resistance does not work in this situation. Because the market is a gamble, don’t be too aggressive and get into the habit of shorting repeatedly.

Eventually, a massive squeeze will take you out of the game, so as I've said, if there's no pattern, don't trade. Even if you know you're going to win.

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