DPW Stock Momentum

DPW Stock Momentum

DPW Stock Momentum 1024 546 Steven Dux
The momentum shift technique on

ticker: $DPW

This discussion is based on my momentum shift technique that I see on the ticker symbol $DPW. This kind of momentum shift technique will be discussed at greater length in my course content. If you look at the stock’s trajectory over the last month, it went from fifty cents to almost five dollars a share.

The five-dollar whole number is something you see a lot of short-sellers sell into because whole numbers tend to be psychological levels that people like to buy or sell on.

Ways to play the

$DPW chart

I’ve already explained that there are multiple ways to play the $DPW chart, and if the stock starts going against you, then you won’t lose that much money. If the stock has been overextended for a couple of days, make sure to take a more in-depth look and start to analyze all its different resistance levels.

In this example, when price broke $4.37 support level, on its highest volume ever traded, that once support level becomes almost unbreakable resistance for the future.

We know this because there haven’t been this many shares traded at any time in this particular stock. This is what we would describe as momentum loss: re-enforcing the stock’s resistance and will become unbreakable or very unlikely to break by the end of the month.

With the information gathered during this process, the smart play is too short the stock. As the stock continues to dip, don’t be afraid to add around that level of resistance.

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