Want to Earn More than a CEO While Working Less Than 4 Hours a Day? Look Into Day Trading

Want to Earn More than a CEO While Working Less Than 4 Hours a Day? Look Into Day Trading

Want to Earn More than a CEO While Working Less Than 4 Hours a Day? Look Into Day Trading 1024 546 Steven Dux

Is it possible to earn more than the average salary of a CEO in the USA… with just 2-3 hours of work each day?


If I asked myself this question a few years ago I would have said no. But over the last few years, my entire outlook on money and wealth has changed. The reason why… we’ll get to that soon.

First, I’d like to share a few statistics with you.

Because the average cost of living and salary in the USA may surprise you.

It surprised me, that’s for sure!

In 2018, the mean family income was just $106,045. Maybe that seems like a lot to you. Maybe not. When I first read this number, it didn’t seem like enough. Not when you take into account:

  • Rent
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • and all the other essentials that come with having a family…

I couldn’t imagine it left much for vacations and saving for the future. So I looked a little deeper and found that the average rent in a city like New York is $3,000 per month ($36,000 per year) and that it’s even higher on the West Coast ($3,200+).

Excluding rent, the average cost of living for a family of four in New York comes in at $48,540 (and $49,416 in San Francisco).

So when you combine the average rent and cost of living together, you’re left with around $20,000 leftover. But this doesn’t include taxes…

  • or vacations…
  • or student debt…
  • or paying other debt (like credit cards)…
  • or saving for college tuition…
  • or saving for retirement…

$20,000 doesn’t go far when you have all these things (and more) to consider.

Now, these are just average incomes. So let’s say your family did well and you earned 50% more the average household — a combined income of $150,000 — after taxes and benefits, you’d be left with around $100,000 – $110,000. Meaning after all your living expenses and rent, you’re still only left with $20-30,000 after tax.

Yet still with student debt, vacations and saving for retirement to take into consideration.

It just doesn’t seem to add up, does it?

But maybe you’re thinking…

“Dux, cities like New York and San Francisco are expensive and where the best jobs are. If you live there, you would have a higher salary.”

Maybe. But look at the average salaries for a:

  • Copywriter = $60,405
  • Financial analyst = $83,559
  • Graphic designer = $52,253
  • Mobile developer = $79,717
  • Product manager = $97,060
  • Software engineer = $93,139

These are the types of jobs you get in cities like New York and San Francisco. If you’re a young professional in the USA, you can expect to earn an annual salary of just $44,000.

But here’s the one that really surprised me!

Because the annual salary of a CEO is $137,784.

The reality is, it’s expensive to live these days.

I found this out the hard way when I was in college a few years ago.

If I didn’t get a job soon, I’d have to return to China.

So the chances of someone hiring me were slim.

Soon, my father wouldn’t support me as he had while I studied. I would have to find my own way to make money, pay for rent and basically survive each month.

But all I could see was how expensive everything was.

It wasn’t fair! Our parents didn’t have to pay so much, right?

Maybe you can relate…

Maybe you’re working hard and doing all you can, but still get to the end of each month struggling to pay the bills. Maybe you want to clear all your debt, save for the future and have enough to travel and have some fun… but whatever you do it never seems like it’s enough.

Maybe you’re making good money… but it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough!

This is how I felt.

I meet a lot of people who feel the same way.

So know this: You Are Not Alone!

  • The desire to build a better life…
  • To not have to worry about money each month…
  • To afford to plan for tomorrow as well as survive today…
  • The worry that no matter how high you corporate climb the ladder, it won’t be enough…

You’re not alone. In fact, if there’s one way to describe the feeling of today’s younger generations, it would be this: frustrated at how expensive everything is!

Yet, there is another way of looking at it.

Because in a way, all this is an opportunity.

An opportunity our parents never had.

An opportunity no generation before has had, either…


How To Earn More Than Most CEOs in a Few Hours Each Day

Our parents lived in a different world when they were younger.

They went to school, got a job, climbed the corporate ladder and saved for the future.

Everything was less expensive back then. But there were fewer opportunities, too.

Whereas today… you and me, we have all the opportunities we could ever ask for.

You’re reading this on your phone or laptop…

I could have a phone call with you for free, no matter where you are in the world…

We can build a business today, with almost no startup costs…

It’s possible to out-earn a CEO with just 2-3 hours of work each day.

I know this is possible because this is what I did!

I used to think this wasn’t possible, but as I said earlier my outlook on money and wealth is very different today. I’ve seen and experienced things over the last few years that have changed my life completely.

…and showed me just how many opportunities I have compared to my parents.

  • No business school required.
  • No qualifications, period!
  • No huge startup costs.
  • No life savings!
  • No having to quit your job or move across the country.

I began in my dorm room, months before I graduated and would get sent back to China. I had some money saved, but most of this was tuition fees that my father had sent me. If he had known how I would use this money… well, he wouldn’t be happy.

But I knew I had an opportunity to change my life for the better.

I knew I had to work hard, and I knew I had the work ethic to do this.

I also knew this was my only chance of staying in America and living the life I dreamed of.

I won’t share my entire story of becoming a Day Trader with you here, as I’ve written about this before.

But I will share the journey you can take to out-earn the average CEO.


An Introduction To Day Trading — WHAT IS DAY TRADING?

Many of the same philosophies that guide traditional “buy and hold” investing (the sort of trading you see in the movies, and the likes of Warren Buffet, George Soros and Ray Dalio are famous for) are true for Day Trading.

Your goal is to buy low and sell high.

The main difference between traditional “buy and hold” investing is that all this takes place within a single day. It’s fast. Day Trading provides instant feedback. It also gives you the ability to turn a little money into a lot!

In the beginning, I didn’t dream of becoming a Day Trader.

I wanted to perform Blue Chip trades like Warren Buffet.

But I soon realized that wasn’t a world I lived in.

I needed to make a lot of money, fast.

And I needed something that I could get instant feedback from.

This is how I found Day Trading… my life has never been the same since.

I talk about this (and the journey I’ve been on) with Ryan Higa for his Off The Pill Podcast (that has 20+ million subscribers). During this interview, I explain more about how Day Trading works.

I encourage you to watch it…

Before the internet came about and created electronic platforms that anyone in the world could use, financial investors and those who worked in banks tended to trade this way. So, Day Trading isn’t new. It’s just never been possible for people like you and me to do it until a few decades ago.

Our parents never had the opportunity to… but we do.

Although life is expensive these days, so is the potential to earn A LOT.

Day Trading is how I’ve done it.

I’ve taught hundreds of students how to do the same.

It isn’t for everyone. But for some people, it’s the perfect way to build the life you desire…


WHO Should Get into Day Trading

First of all, let’s focus on what Day Trading IS NOT!

It is NOT:

  • A miracle cure.
  • A quick rich scheme.
  • Easy to do.
  • For people who just want money to fall into their wallets!

I believe this is why Day Trading, Forex and Penny Stocks have such a bad reputation. It’s full of fake gurus who promise instant results with no hard work or skill. It’s also full of people who get into it for the wrong reasons, expect instant success and then complain about how it’s a scam.

It isn’t a scam.

It’s a legitimate form of investing that’s been used for decades!

But it is not easy. It does require A LOT of hard work. Most of all… it needs your commitment.

This is why I’ve been successful over the years.

I got into Day Trading because I needed the money…

But I didn’t expect success to just happen.

I studied the markets, took courses, watched seminars and read books. I learned from successful traders and studied their techniques, strategies and patterns. I listened to the data. I removed my emotions and instead took risks based on the numbers.

This is how I’ve built my trading portfolio.

I believe anyone can do the same… so long as they get into day trading for the right reasons.

If you do, there’s money there waiting for you.

Unlike traditional ‘buy and hold’ trading… Day Trading offers a level playing field.

The companies you usually deal with while day trading only have a limited amount of shares. So, if someone comes in and buys too many, they literally end up buying the company. This doesn’t happen when trading Blue Chips, which means those with the most wealth and power get to dictate the markets.

Not with Day Trading.

Everyone holds the same amount of power as everyone else. 

It comes down to knowing the right strategies and following the correct patterns.

Do this, and anyone can win big while day trading.


HOW To Get Started with Day Trading

If you want to get started with Day Trading, there are a few things you need:

  1. Money (you need at least $3,000 of investment to begin with. You can start with less, but $3,000 gives you the leverage you need to build momentum).
  2. Time (when starting out, you need to commit 4-6 hours each day simply studying the markets and making paper trades. I warn my students to expect a year of hard work before they start making any real money day trading).
  3. Commitment (you need to see the bigger picture, and appreciate that so long as you put in the hard work, the results will come further down the line).
  4. A MENTOR (I wish I had got a mentor soon. If I did, I’d have a much bigger portfolio by now!)

Building a successful Day Trading Career comes down to having the right strategies, techniques and patterns. This is why having a mentor helps because they fast-track your progress.

You get the info you need when you need it.

Meaning you make fewer mistakes!

After a year of laying the foundations, you can make thousands-of-dollars each week (maybe tens of thousands) simply by working 1-2 hours each morning. This is the level I’m at, which is why I have time to work with my students 1-1 (so they can learn how to become a Day Trader the “right” way).

Through day trading, it’s possible to triple your initial investment in a matter of months.

Within a year, you could turn $20,000 into $100,000+.

At this stage, you can build a massive trading portfolio that goes up and up and up (all with just a few hours each day). So, is it possible to out-earn most CEOs with just 1-2 hours of work each morning? Yes! It is possible. I’ve seen it happen with several of my students.

And I’ve experienced it myself over the last few years.

Most people won’t and don’t. Because they expect miracles.

And they do not put in the hard work and commitment necessary.

Whereas those who do, lay the foundations for their dream life. There’s no secret or trick. So long as you have access to the internet and a computer, you can make a lot of money day trading.

94% of new traders don’t. They fail within the first year.

Why? Because they expect miracles and follow the wrong advice.

My mission today is to help those who want to make day trading their primary income do so with fewer mistakes. I try to be the mentor to others that I wish I had in the beginning.

Because I meet a lot of people, who, just like I did a few years ago, need to make good money.

Everyone has their own reason why, but when you need to make money, you need to make it.

I also meet a lot of people who already make a lot of money.

They have a good job. They’re climbing the ladder.


They hate it. 

They don’t have enough time.

They don’t have the freedom they want.

And even though they’re making good money, it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

That’s the world we live in… it’s expensive.

Yet the opportunity to make more than you will ever need is there. Day Trading is what helped me build the life I lead today. Maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for, too.

If it is, please don’t become one of the 94% of Day Traders that fail.

Don’t expect miracles and for success to just happen.

  • Study the markets
  • Learn from proven strategies and techniques.
  • Make paper trades and test successful patterns.
  • Put in the hard work upfront so you don’t have to later…

If you need to help with this, I’m here for you. The best step you can take now is to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel where I share weekly day trading videos. I record these videos for people who want to become one of the 6% of Day Traders that succeed.

… and who wants to make Day Trading their primary source of income!

But if you’re ready to take the next step and work with me 1-1, The Freedom Challenge may be for you. Explore the page and see if it’s what you’re looking for. If it is, I’d love to see you apply.

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