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How To Use STT


主要用来看股票的软件有两个,电脑上用的是STT (Stocks to trade);出门在外手机上用的是Stock Tracker。而选择股票的方法也很简单,一般来说,每天在日增长排行里面选一些股票来看,然后再根据自己的能力和兴趣选择性的投资。


*Stocks to Trade 是由Timothy Sykes设计制作的一款专门搜索、分析Penny Stock(分值股票)的专业炒股平台。该平台功能诸多,包括集成图表、目标股清单、Level II、新闻消息、聊天室、社交媒体等多个板块。是一个完整的,没有股票经纪人/中介的股票交易平台。

Weekly Summary

In this article we go over the plays of the week and potential set ups. This article includes such tickers as $CHKE, $ABIL, $AWX, and much more. This article will allow you to see past commentary, as well as, Stevens plan for each of the stock.

How to trade on the First Green Day

SOLO and SKYS may be the two most difficult stocks in February! A lot of people have fallen into the trap, first silently mourning for the wallet for three minutes.

How To Dodge Short Squeezes

First let’s see the NVLN in a long term chart, there is no resistance in the front. So whenever you are taking a long or short position, the ticker is very unrpedictable.

The happy hunger game, when reverse split meets low float

The stock prices of some companies are too low, some are even blow $1. These kind of stocks are no longer meeting the requirements of NASDAQ stock marekt, so they will be disqualified.